Sunday Club might not be about to meet together on Sundays 🙁 but we can still pray for each other and have some fun together 🙂

That’s why we’ve made a worksheet for you (or your grown up) to download, print, and complete at home.

Download worksheets weekly from here:

This week’s sheet is based on the Bible passage found in John 18:28 – 19:16. We have used the International Children’s Bible version as this is what we use in Sunday Club usually. This can be found online at Bible Gateway (Click here)

We only have one sheet at the moment to cover all the ages so some of you wee ones will have to do it with the help of an adult – some of you will be able to maybe do it during the service by yourself or at another time.

Please drop in some feedback on the sheets to Carina on what could be better or ideas to include for future weeks –