We want to make Church a safe place for all. 

The welfare of each individual is important to us and we have a duty to ensure that all our activities and services are safe for all who come into contact with them.

In particular, those who are vulnerable –
both children and adults at risk – must be protected, or safeguarded, from any harm.

As a church we are committed to training those who work on our behalf with children and vulnerable adults, to make sure they know how to recognise and report harm or abuse.

The denomination our congregation is part of – The Free Church of Scotland – has extensive policies in place and also training available to ensure that we take all the steps we can to make church as safe a place as possible for those most at risk. All of our leadership team and volunteers who are working with identified vulnerable groups will be part of Disclosure Scotland’s, Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme. 

Our Safeguarding Co-Ordinators

The role of Safeguarding Coordinators is to act on behalf of our Kirk Session (group of Elders) to help ensure that the Church’s Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines are fully and effectively implemented within the congregation.



Who: Ishbel MacCormick

Contact Details: 07432 332981 (Safeguarding Number)

You can contact Ishbel on this numer for any safeguarding reason whether is be a question with regards to safeguarding policy, joining or updating PVG scheme record or for the need to report any witnessed, suspected or reported abuse of children or adults.

Safeguarding Depute

Who: Karen Redman

Contact Details: 07432 331215 (Safeguarding Number)

Should Ishbel not be available or there is a need to contact the depute rather than the co-ordinator then Karen can also answer your questions or deal with any reports you would like to share of suspected, witnessed or reported abuse.

Both the Safeguarding co-ordinator and the depute have been trained for these roles and are available to all in the congregation who wish to express concerns about safeguarding matters.

A safeguarding mailbox will also be made available soon

Safeguarding Policy

You can access the Free Church of Scotland’s full ‘Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines for the Protection of Children and Adults’, to which we adhere, at this link: FCOS Safeguarding Policy & Guidelines.pdf