🆘 Over the next two weeks, a team of 8 people (including 5 of our own hardy young ones – Abby, Samuel, Calum, Hannah, & Lisa) are fundraising for Tearfund, so that people living in poverty will be better equipped to deal with the effects of the coronavirus.

Please visit their JustGiving page where you can, contribute financially to their efforts if you are able and also find out more about their cause: www.justgiving.com/team/Pamoja

Nations in lockdown, widespread uncertainty, hospitals struggling to cope – we’ve seen with our own eyes how devastating coronavirus can be. But for people living in extreme poverty, the impact will be far worse. The fundraising team has called themselves Pamoja, Swahili for together. A couple of the team members have had the privilege of volunteering overseas with Tearfund in Tanzania. During their time there they worked alongside some self-help groups, one of which was called Pamoja. We believe that this name beautifully encaptures the whole ethos of Tearfund’s work, joining together and coming alongside people where the need is greatest.