Hello Sunday Club! It feels like forever since we have seen each other. I hope you are all doing well, keeping healthy and still doing your school work!

I pray the we will be able to see each other soon and have lots of fun like we are used to having when we see each other.

This week’s worksheet is ready for you download, print and complete. Feel free to share with others, friends and family. And of course as always we would be delighted to see any of your work!

In the worksheet we mention a song you can listen to. I’ve linked it below for you to enjoy. It is called ‘Jesus, Strong and Kind’ by CityAlight. Hope you like it.

For Further activities to do at home to keep you entertained get your grown up to check out our google drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l6JVt2EIgUzEff40ATyzKr5QTcdHuYDb?usp=sharing