We are going to be hosting Christianity Explored course online via Zoom beginning next week on Tuesday 26th January from 7.30 to 9pm.

This is an 8 week look at what Christianity is centred on, or maybe more accurately who Christianity is centred on – Jesus. Using a book of the Bible called Mark we look at the important questions

  • Who Jesus is?
  • Why He came to earth?
  • What difference does that make to me?

It is a relaxed evening and there is opportunity to ask and answer questions but if you prefer you can simply listen and take it all in. If you would like to join us for the course – please get in touch via the form below and let us know if you would like the material posted out to you. A benefit of hosting the course online is that geography doesn’t hold us back so even if you are not from the Glasgow area we would be delighted to welcome you!

The meeting can be accessed by our church Zoom meeting ID: 707 129 3433