Hi Sunday Club! Hope you are doing well?

We are coming into the time of year where as Christians we focus, in a particular way, on the remembering the Easter Story. It is important to think and thank God every day about Jesus giving his life for us but it is also exciting to focus on it – especially so we can tell our friends who maybe don’t know Jesus or have never prayed to him.

For the next 3 weeks our Sunday Club at Home worksheets will be a bit different to usual as our friends at Scripture Union have made these amazing videos, quiz and worksheets I would like to share with you. I will post them here on our website as usual so you don’t have to go hunting for them… all you need to watch and download should be here! Hope you have fun – maybe even let me know your score in the quizzes!

Step 1 … Watch Colour in Easter Episode 1

Step 2 … Download and complete the reflection sheet

Step 3 … Do the Colour in Easter Episode 1 Quiz!!

Bonus Extra … Episode 1 Colouring Page!