Free Church Safeguarding Training should be completed at least every three years by all individuals working with children and vulnerable adults in the Free Church.

There are currently 2 online training sessions available to sign up for at this link:

The Free Church of Scotland has a Christian care for the welfare of each individual and seeks to make the Church a safe place for all. In particular, the Church seeks to protect and safeguard all those who are especially vulnerable, both children and vulnerable adults, with whom it comes into contact through its activities and services.

It is the responsibility of everyone in the Church, including those working with vulnerable groups, to seek to prevent harm or abuse, whether physical, sexual or emotional.

The Church seeks to safeguard these vulnerable groups through its congregations, committees and advisers and, where appropriate, in cooperation with the statutory agencies, police and social services.  To this end, the Church is committed to training those who work on its behalf, both paid workers and volunteers, with children and vulnerable adults how to recognise and report harm or abuse. 

For more information on Safeguarding visit: or get in touch with any questions or concerns