As we ease out of lockdown we are now delighted to be able to have greater (although still limited) capacity at Sunday services. We are also starting attendance for our Sunday evening services at 6pm.

Bookings for you and your household can be made through our Eventbrite forms below or you can visit to choose morning or evening services that are good for you. Please don’t be shy in booking in – we really want all the spaces we have to be used!

There should be capacity for everyone to attend one service (either morning or evening) every week. At the morning service we have small Sunday Club provision and at the moment a ‘self service’ creche. Please arrive in plenty time to assure we can get everyone checked in before the service starts.

Online booking will close at 0100 on Sunday mornings.

Everyone is welcome to book in… congregational members, adherents, first-time visitors, students, atheists, seekers, everyone welcome! Please don’t think these spaces are not available to you.

If you have any problems getting booked in or questions about attending don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can phone the church office on 0141 357 3236 or email