The Mission board of the Free Church – – organises a monthly prayer schedule for the congregations across our denomination for each week of each month we are asked to pray for specific congregations and their various needs and thanksgivings. We will try and keep you updated on our website of the congregations to be praying for each week. For week beginning 13th June your congregations to remember before the Lord are:

Trotternish Minister: Vacant Interim ModeratorGordon Matheson

Trotternish is the northerly peninsula on the Isle of Skye, and meets in the townships of Staffin, Kilmuir and Uig. It is a rural community, and the congregation is in a fourth year of pastoral vacancy.

Prayer Points:

  1. The congregation has been vacant for over four and a half years. Please pray that God would guide us and provide a minister who connects with, and make disciples among, a younger population in our community. We are thankful for our interim moderator Rev Gordon Matheson who takes our mid-week prayer meeting every week.
  2. Give thanks that the congregation remains united and attendances are good even with the restrictions. And pray for our community; rural Skye, like the whole rural Highlands and Islands, is struggling. There are profound challenges – social and financial deprivation and the problems that come with these are hidden, but present. Our community needs radical transformation, which only grace revealed in the Gospel can bring.

Pairc Minister: Iain Macritchie

Situated on the rugged, yet stunning east side of the Isle of Lewis, Pairc Free Church serves the community of South Lochs. Within the community we have a Primary School, Doctors Surgery and Shop. This is a sparsely populated area, covering ten villages with a total population of around 400; around 10% of this population currently part of our congregation. Our community is made of up a mixture of indigenous people, as well as those who have moved into the area. We remain an extremely united congregation with a strong desire to reach out to our community with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points:

  1. As a congregation, we have been trying to form natural links with existing community groups. Please pray that bridges will continue to be built, which in turn will lead to gospel opportunity. As a community, we have few younger families. Please pray that God would lay it on the hearts of two families to move into our community and become an active part of our congregation.
  2. We are currently in the process of making funding applications for our church refurbishment. Please pray that God will provide for us financially so that we are able go ahead with our plans to make our church building a more comfortable and welcoming environment.

Here are all the congregations we will be focusing on for prayer across the month of June