The Mission board of the Free Church – – organises a monthly prayer schedule for the congregations across our denomination for each week of each month we are asked to pray for specific congregations and their various needs and thanksgivings. We will try and keep you updated on our website of the congregations to be praying for each week. For week beginning 11th July your congregations to remember before the Lord are:

Govanhill Minister: Kenny Boyd

Govanhill is situated on the southside of Glasgow. It is a densely populated area with c.15,000 people within its square mile. Around 50 + languages are believed to be in daily use. The Free Church congregation has been located here for nearly 120 years and has witnessed many changes in that time. However, the pace of change has accelerated markedly in the last 20 years. The congregation has seen periods of remarkable growth followed by periods of decline. At present we are in a period of decline, and yet there is always much to be thankful for.

Prayer Points:

  1. As the expected recovery from the pandemic begins, please pray for wisdom in the use of our building. In the past our congregation has run a variety of activities, often in partnership with local organisations and churches. Recently however we have tried to be more flexible since all kinds of groups face huge challenges in finding premises as they start their recovery. However, we want to maintain a distinctive Christian witness wherever possible, including in the use of our building. This is no less true for our worship services which in the past have been conducted in 3 or more languages. There are huge challenges in trying to return to, or better still, improve on these days.
  2. Govanhill is an area that has seen at least 5 quite distinct phases in its history. At present it is entering another new one. It is becoming a beacon for alternative lifestyles and ways of ‘doing justice’. The Lord has helped us respond to varying challenges in the past. Please pray he will help us rise to this one too.

Fortrose MinisterRory Stott

Fortrose Free Church is on the Black Isle, just outside Inverness and the congregation come from various parts of the Black Isle including Fortrose, Rosemarkie and Avoch.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for wisdom to teach the young people in the congregation a Biblical worldview and to develop opportunities for our young people to learn more about Jesus and meet in a safe and fun environment.
  2. The hire of our new church building will increasingly be a matter that needs time and recourses. Please pray for our administrator who handles the bookings and wisdom for the leadership in this regard.

Here are all the congregations we will be focusing on for prayer across the month of June