On from the 2nd to the 16th October 2021 – This special series of meetings is for women and will feature guest speakers representing Romania and Central Asia. SGA’s new Phoebe Project will also be introduced.

Meet the Speakers

Violeta Fărăgău 

Violeta is from Cluj-Napoca in Romania. In 2005 she helped start Preventis, a ministry which helps vulnerable children and those at risk of addiction.
More recently she founded Casa Filip, a home for those undergoing cancer treatment in Cluj.

Violeta will share how the loss of her husband, Filip, inspired her to start this project.

Beate Peters

Beate was born in communist East Germany and works for Bibel Mission. SGA partners with BM on a number of projects in Central Asia including the Hope Centres, the Independent Bible Correspondence School and Christian Camps.

Beate will share about Phoebe Projects in Central Asia

Scotland Meeting: Contact: Kay MacDonald  07545 098082

Saturday 2nd October @ 10.00am
The Tron Church, Glasgow, G2 1HW
Speakers: Violeta Faragau & Beate Peters