The Mission board of the Free Church – – organises a monthly prayer schedule for the congregations across our denomination for each week of each month we are asked to pray for specific congregations and their various needs and thanksgivings. We will try and keep you updated on our website of the congregations to be praying for each week. For week beginning 7th November your congregations to remember before the Lord are:

Plockton & Kyle – Minister: Roddie Rankin Interim Moderator: Marcos Florit

The villages of Plockton and Kyle are situated in the north west Highlands, the gateway to the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides. The church is well established in the community and the congregation has been built up in recent months by the arrival of new faces following the end of lockdown.

Prayer Points:

1.    Pray that our people would be bright witnesses for Christ as they go about their daily lives; that young and old would respond to hearing the Gospel message and come to faith.

2.    Give thanks to God that our pastor and his wife are recovering well after major surgery. Pray that as brothers and sisters in Christ we would encourage one another through acts of love and service.

Dunblane – Minister: Allan J Shearer

Dunblane Free Church sits on the high street in historic Dunblane. While small, the congregation is active in the worship of God and in sharing the good news of Jesus in the wider community. Our desire is to see people won for Christ.

Prayer Points:

1.    Pray for the children in the congregation, that they would be an integral part of the church family, learn of God’s love for them, and come to know Jesus personally. Pray for the leaders of Kirk4Kids as they work with the children.

2.    Pray for our community here in Dunblane; those who live, work or visit, that they may come to know the love of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  

Here are all the congregations we will be focusing on for prayer across the month of November