The Mission board of the Free Church – – organises a monthly prayer schedule for the congregations across our denomination for each week of each month we are asked to pray for specific congregations and their various needs and thanksgivings. We will try and keep you updated on our website of the congregations to be praying for each week. For week beginning 19th December your congregations to remember before the Lord are:

Stirling – Minister: Iain Macaskill

A recently planted congregation, with the vision to make Jesus Christ known in this university city in the heart of Scotland, we are a welcoming group of people drawn from many different backgrounds. Many students from the UK and from overseas join with us, and we have been blessed seeing several come to faith here, before returning to their own very different circumstances in their own countries.

Prayer Points:

  1. The Stirling Free Church court case against the Robertson Trust is due to resume on 1st December for three days. Please pray that we can settle out of court and that justice will be done. The Robertson Trust terminated the contract the church had to worship in the Barracks in Stirling. 
  2. We are still searching for a permanent home for the congregation since our contract at the Barracks was terminated by the Robertson Trust. We have to leave our current base at the Highland Hotel for the month of December. Please also give thanks for the provision of Lecropt Church of Scotland’s Church Hall in Bridge of Allan and the Kirk Session’s decision not to charge us rent.

Scalpay Harris – Minister: Andrew Coghill

Located about 7 miles east of Tarbert, Scalpay is connected to “mainland” Harris by a bridge. Since the second Lockdown we have been gradually “opening up” again, with “in-person” services both ends (from late March), midweek Prayer Meetings (since June), monthly Bible Studies (from July), and a localised Communion weekend in September. The Covid threat is still a major worry for some of our older folk but most are glad to be back in Church. As Covid is more prevalent within the Islands, pray that families would be kept safe and that those who are apprehensive

Prayer Points:

  1. Give thanks that the Lord has continued to provide for the congregation’s needs and commitments during the year.
  2. Pray for strength and courage to deepen our commitment to the Lord and our sense of mission in our community and island. Pray especially for the children who often show great consistency of commitment and sometimes courage too.

Here are all the congregations we will be focusing on for prayer across the month of December