We were delighted to be able to adopt the Oswestry Senior 2 Free Church Youth camp this year. Carina was devastated to have to pull out of co-leading the camp but was thrilled to be able to hand over the reigns to former Dowanvale student attendee Ashley Macleod, who was leading alongside another former Dowanvaler Ally Macleod.

There was further strong Dowanvale representation on the leaders team as our own Fraser & Sheena MacAra and David Cameron were part of the ably equipped team leading the campers through the week.

Throughout the week we recieved updates on what was going on at the camp and some pictures of their activities as well. Have a read below to help you see what they got up to and to know how to best pray for the leaders, campers and cooks going forward.

Update from Sunday: Day 2

Hello Dowanvale Free Church,

We are thankful for your willingness to adopt us as a camp. Today they enjoyed inflatanation and energetic icebreaker games. 

All campers and leaders arrived safely yesterday, we are thankful for safe travels, good food, and that the kids are hitting it off already. 

Please pray for John as he leads us through 2 Peter this week, that the kids would engage well with it. Pray for us as we deal with the intense heat expected on Monday and Tuesday.

God Bless,
Oswestry Senior 2

Update from Monday: Day 3

Hello Dowanvale Free Church

The campers had a great time at the Trafford Centre today, staying out of the heat. Tomorrow we are headed for go-karting.

We were lucky to be joined by the junior camp for worship last night as we continued to look at 2 Peter, after a great day of church in Wem and free time in the afternoon, and it was a great time of fellowship.

We are very thankful for God’s providence so far, and for our wonderful cooks. Please pray that this would continue to be a fruitful time for us.

God bless,

Oswestry Senior 2 team

Update from Wednesday: Day 5

Hello Dowanvale Free Church,

Yesterday we went go-karting which the kids and leaders enjoyed despite the heat, then came back into seminars, they chose two options from – Hudson Taylor, Gospel Driven Friendship, or God and ‘me-time’. They all seemed to enjoy these and had good discussions on the topics.

Today we had a day at the center – we had a Q and A with us leaders and got some great questions, then played the camp classic ‘capture the tattie’.

We are thankful that the cooler weather has come back a little to Oswestry, and that we were able to get a better night’s sleep last night.

God Bless,

Oswestry Senior 2 Team

Update from Friday: Last Day of Camp!

Hello Dowanvale, 

Last day of camp! It’s gone by so fast. We have had a great week, we still have a photo scavenger hunt and other activities to do today before our long journey home but we are so thankful for you adopting our camp this year and we hope that you have enjoyed our emails and photos. 

Please pray for us, leaders, campers and cooks as we continue on in our last day and the campers as they go back to their home lives.

God Bless,
Oswestry Seniors 2 Team