Finding true passion, joy, peace and rest in Christ

Our Bible study groups are meeting this week tonight – Wednesday 2nd November at 7.30pm. We have 4 regional groups – 3 (North, South and West) that meet on Zoom and 1 group (Central) that meet at the church building.

For those that meet on Zoom simply log on to our usual Zoom ID and you will be put into a regional city group breakout room based on where you live in Glasgow – or if you are a visitor from further afield you can join us too.

If you need a study guide book then let Carina know –

Look forward to meeting Wednesday night as we look together at Study 2: Experiencing God, Experiencing Love (Luke 7:36-50)

Why study Experiencing God?

Knowing God should not only affect our beliefs and behaviour – what we think and do. It should also affect our emotions – how we feel. Previous generations have talked of “experiential faith” – faith that is expressed in every area of our lives.

The word “experience” may set alarm bells ringing for some Christians, as they imagine the word means supernatural encounters, strange voices or other revelations.

But the Bible, God’s final, complete revelation, reveals a different, yet no less marvellous, experience of God. The wonderful truths of the gospel, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, give Christians a unique experience of God, seen and felt in many ways. A love for Christ and for others. Peace in place of anxiety and joy in all circumstances. A passion for doing good, and a deep sense of fulfilment and freedom.

We will be using this book by Tim Chester produced by The Good Book Company to discover the riches that are ours in Christ. If you need to get a copy of the book get in touch with the church office ( and we will provide you with one.