Glasgow Free Churches FC play in the 1st Division of the Strathclyde Evangelical Churches League. Season 2023-24 is due to start in mid-August and a pre-season training and preparation schedule has been drawn up by the manager, David Ramsay.

Any men 16 and over who are interested are welcome to join training sessions in the run up to the start of the season. In order to play in competitive matches however you will need to register and there is a registration fee of £25 (this can be waived for students and unemployed). It is a competitive league and training and matches are taken seriously. Players come from a wide variety of backgrounds, however having a good number of members and adherents from Free Churches in and around the city is essential.

Anyone interested should contact Kenny Boyd in the first instance (tel. 07809 445812 email:

Pre-season Training

Pre season will start back this Monday 19th June with Jordan Dunn personal training (Motherwell) the same pt we used last summer. So schedule will be –
Mondays ( Jordan Dunn )
Wednesdays (Barlia, Castlemilk)
Weekend – Friday evening or Saturday morning (friendly matches)

– Training will now be £7.50 per week to accommodate both days at the minute with games £5 as per usual.
£25 registration fee to be paid before 1st league game
– Anyone with any financial problems please contact Bobby Caldwell (treasurer and physio) –  we’re always here to help !

We are working at moving midweek training to a Tuesday once the season is underway given that most Free Churches in the Glasgow area have their prayer meetings on Wednesdays. However, there was a block booking available at Barlia and the manager understandably didn’t want to lose it.

Success doesn’t come easy so we need to work harder than the rest. Champions don’t sit still they work harder 👊🏻 (David Ramsay, manager)